Friday, May 18, 2007

A Pictoral History of Dublin, California

Say the name of Dublin, and for many, it conjures up an image of weary Irish pioneers who, after traveling thousands of miles along the dusty byways of the California Trail in the 1850's, stood on the crest of a hill overlooking a valley filled with promise and a hope for the future. This was the place they would call home. Inspired by memories of rolling green hills and wide-open countryside of their beloved Ireland, they chose a name that would help maintain their connection to a land that now only lived in their memories. While it is tempting to embrace this romantic notion of Dublin’s beginning as the way it really happened, as is often the case, the truth is far richer and more diverse than first realized.

Published by Arcadia Publishing, my book chronicles Dublin's humble beginnings back in 1850 when failed miners returning from the gold fields of the Sierra Nevadas decided to try their hand at farming. One of these farmers was my great-great-grandfather, Michael Devany. Arriving in Dublin, CA in 1858 after emmigrating from Roscommon, Ireland, he helped lay the foundation of a quiet little farming town that over time, evolved into a modern city set in the shadows of the Bay Area's eastern foothills.

The grand unveiling of my book is scheduled to take place on September 15 & 16, 2007 at the annual Day on the Glen festival at Emerald Glen Park in Dublin. I hope to see you there. When new information regarding other appearances becomes available, I will keep you posted.

While many of the books written by Christian authors are fictional in nature, such as the novels supported by the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour, others are your classsic non-fiction book. They focus on a variety of topics like: history, sociology, missiology, developing a deer relationship with Christ, and the like. Since I too have written a non-fiction book, if you have any questions for me about this, or would like to know about publishing non-fiction, I'd love to hear from you.

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